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I have managed multi-functional User Experience groups for several major companies and am very hands-on. I have been responsible for everything from design to usability testing and research. This page shows just some of the start-to-finish projects I have worked on.

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E-commerce Site: SSL Certificates

My team designed this application from scratch, employing user-centered design practices, with multiple rounds of usability testing and iterative design. It is the company's primary e-commerce site, where a consumer buys SSL certificates and creates an account to manage all their SSL certificates.

  • Click here for the live site.
  • Click here to read the back story about this application and some of the other products I worked on during this time.


  • Cognitive walkthrough, wants and needs analysis, task analysis
  • Card-sorting
  • Interviews with customers, customer support, and product management
  • Affinity diagrams
  • Functional flow diagrams, low- and high-fidelity mockups and wireframes
  • Working prototypes
  • Usability testing and validation testing with customers in our usability lab
SSL Certificates

What I did:

  • Managed project and was the lead designer
  • Created mockups, flow diagrams, wireframes
  • Wrote requirements, user scenarios, and test scripts
  • Oversaw visual designs and prototypes
  • Supervised Web development
Media player

What I did:

  • Managed project
  • Wrote requirements, personas, user scenarios, and test scripts
  • Managed usability testing and wrote executive summaries that were instrumental in marketing and manufacturing decisions
  • Oversaw visual designs, specs, mockups, and prototypes
  • Created flows and supervised UI development

E-commerce Site: Consumer Authentication

This is an e-commerce site where users buy and manage credentials for second-factor authentication. This site was designed and maintained by my team using user-centered design. My team also designed applications for different form factors including mobile devices, hard tokens, and security cards. We submitted a patent for the help designed for this site.

  • Click here for the live site.
  • Click here to read more about this application and some of the other products I worked on during this time.


  • Cognitive walkthrough, wants and needs analysis
  • Paper prototyping
  • Field studies in US, Europe, and China
  • Functional flow diagrams, low- and high-fidelity mockups and wireframes
  • Usability testing and validation testing in our usability lab and "on the street"
Consumer Authentication

What I did:

  • Managed project through several releases
  • Helped with design and packaging
  • Wrote online content

Enterprise Console: Managed Security Services

My team was responsible for the design and usability for this enterprise application, a managed security services portal.


  • Functional flow diagrams
  • High-fidelity mockups and prototypes
  • Site visits with customers
  • Validation testing

Enterprise Portal

What I did:

  • Managed project design, usability research, and documentation through many releases
  • Helped design the original version
  • Participated in customer visits and usability analysis
  • Managed creation of prototypes used by sales
  • Managed translations

User Research: SSL Certificates

I saw an opportunity to have the User Experience team directly affect sales and user acceptance of a new concept when I proposed that my team do research and testing to determine how users would respond to the new Extended Validation certificates. We did remote testing with more than 50 users and I wrote a white paper that was distributed to potential partners and customers.

The results were so positive for us that product management decided it would be worthwhile to have it done with a larger sample size by a neutral vendor. I hired Tec-Ed to do the same sessions with more than 300 users across the country, analyzed the raw data, and wrote a white paper that was distributed on the company Web site. Click here to see the white paper.

NOTE: The prototype on the right was for test purposes only in a blind study. We were not identified as the company doing the research, so this does not follow branding or UI guidelines.

What I did:

  • Managed project
  • Helped develop test plan, script, and prototypes
  • Wrote white papers for both rounds of testing. They were distributed on our company's Web site and at conferences.
  • Supervised second round of testing with neutral third-party firm. The statistical results were virtually the same as those done by our in-house team.
  • Analyzed the raw data

Interactive Tour

This is an example of one of the online interactive HTML tours my team provided for many of our applications.

What I did:

  • Designed HTML tour format that was used for all of our products. The tours were animated and interactive, yet easy to maintain and update.
  • Wrote specs and guidelines for tours

Heuristic Evaluation

This is a usability evaluation I did as a consultant for a commercial Web site, using a scorecard method I developed to evaluate products. Click here to read the document.

What I did:

  • Designed scorecard templates in Excel. I have different scorecards for applications, devices, software, and Web sites.
  • I use the forms for heuristic evaluations, usability analyses, and out-of-the box analyses. These let me apply the same criteria to different products of the same type, and the criteria are then weighted.

Building a User Experience Team

I was asked to give a presentation to a Silicon Valley company to help them understand what is involved in creating a User Experience team, particularly one that can work successfully in an Agile environment. Click here to download the presentation.

Presentation contents:

  • What is User Experience?
  • How does a User Experience team support the rest of the organization?
  • What processes are followed to ensure the best user experience?
  • How does UXD fit into the Agile environment?
  • Case studies

Flow diagrams

I often produce or supervise production of flow diagrams for projects. Here are some samples of flows I did.

What I did:

Flow diagrams (these are partials with identifying areas removed):

  • Media player. This was done to define the main screens of the player, along with diagrams of what the remote control functions are on each screen.
  • E-commerce certificate purchase and account creation.
  • Billing and account creation.


Here are some of the personas I developed.

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